Hogar Lara Cotto


After Hurricane Maria, Mentor Technical Group gave weekly donations to the Lara Cotto Home, water for the consumption of their elderly, administrative staff and nurses. Also, the home was kept running with an electric generator that was supplied with diesel donated by MTG. In other efforts, Coral Rivera, human resources specialist of MTG, coordinated with the Institute of Banking and Commerce the donation of lunches for all the elderly.

The Hogar Lara Cotto is a center for the elderly that has been providing care services, facilities and a welcoming environment for over 14 years that result in pleasant quality of life to the elderly. For this purpose, accommodation, attention and personal care are offered 24 hours a day, including food, personal hygiene, religious, recreational and crafts activities, among others. It is located Urb. San Alfonso Street Green Light B-17 Caguas, PR 00725

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